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Body Attack

Body Attack is the high intensity training for your strength and stamina, within a short time, with explosive increase. By alternating movements and exercises, which are performed at a high pace, you burn a lot of calories in a short time. If you want to lose weight or want to work on your fitness and strength, then Body Attack is the perfect class for you! Average calorie consumption: 730 kcal per lesson.

Body Attack is a total body workout in which you burn calories while giving your body shape. Each class begins with a warm-up followed by two peak periods, with emphasis on the upper and lower body. The following is a challenging track for your abs: the guarantee of a strong core! Finally, you can catch your breath again during the cool-down and to calm your muscles.

During the lessons you will be guided by a trained instructor. The knowledge and motivation from the instructor ensure you can get the most out of your workout and will be challenged again during each lesson. Everyone from beginner to advanced, can participate in a Body Attack class. The instructor will give more options during class, so you can adapt the exercises to your fitness level.

Earlier Event: 28 November
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