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Body Combat

Body Combat is the powerful fight workout. During this intense cardio workout, run out of moves, which come from various Martial Arts and Karate, Taikwondo and Muay Thai. It is a bright and energetic fitness program, which you burn calories hard! During an average Body Combat class you burn a whopping 545 calories.

Want to work on your fitness or lose weight the necessary kilos? Then Bodycombat the ideal class for you.

Let you go during this energetic cardio workout! Each lesson has a fixed structure. You start in the warm-up with warming up your body and learning the various movements. After warming up, it's time to put all your energy into it. By combinations of punches, kicks and elbows switch you off your imaginary opponent!

The certified instructeur makes you give everything and the whole lesson motivated. At Bodycombat you always work from your core. The lesson therefore concludes with some floor exercises to increase the strength in your abdominal and back muscles.

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