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Body Balance

Body Balance is the class for body and mind. Relax, build strength and work on your flexibility with low impact class. Body Balance combines the best of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. You will soon find that your stress level is lowered and increases your flexibility and strength. After each lesson you will feel completely reborn! Average calorie consumption: 340 kcal per lesson.

During a Body Balance class is a combination of all the most effective exercises from yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. Parts that are dealt to each Body Balance class: controlled breathing, flexibility, static power, concentration and meditation. The many poses and stretches your muscles and joints supple and flexible. strengthen the complementary strength exercises and form your major muscle groups, so your posture is improved.

Overall, Body Balance offers you the complete package if you want to work on a stronger and more agile body! Certified instructeurs leads you responsibly through all the exercises over and ensures that you will leave the room with a fresh and calm feeling.

Earlier Event: 13 December
Later Event: 14 December