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H.I.I.T. is the challenging and tough workout that is suitable for anyone who wants to be super fast, super fit! At H.I.I.T., run multiple short sessions of interval training on an extremely high intensity. Short but intense bursts super strength and energy. This method of training Strength H.I.I.T. is an effective and efficient way to burn fat fast, develop and improve muscle condition. Average calorie consumption: 500 kcal per lesson.

H.I.I.T. gives you just 30 minutes by a combination of strength and endurance training a full body workout! Under pick led by a certified groepslesinstructeur is a minimal time investment, achieved a maximal result and you will limit yourself.

A H.I.I.T. lesson has a fixed structure. You make a flying start with the accelerated warming-up your heart rate instantly to rise. After warming up, it is time to put it to work quite your muscles through a single disk and a barbell. The purpose of Grit is always making repetitions as far as possible at as high a speed as possible! Once your muscles are exhausted, the final components following the High Intensity Interval training, where your heart rate will peak and sweat breaks out! Then you take a step back. You bring your heart rate down and finish with a spicy core training. The end of each lesson H.I.I.T. will feel like a true victory! Because you can determine the weight of the barbell is H.I.I.T. suitable for every fitness level.

Earlier Event: 5 December
Later Event: 6 December