Fitness Avenue New Babylon
the #1st gym for expats in The Hague 


We offer our members:

A flexible monthly terminable membership with unlimited acces & included with groupclasses / small group training 
for only € 37,50


  • Outdoor Bootcamp training

  • TechnoGym fitnessmachines

  • Homely atmopshere (lounge area)

  • Affordable & high-quality protein shakes

  • Live DJ's & Fitness Radio

  • Special events

  • Hospitality & personal attention

  • A wide variety of Less Mills group classes

  • Professional & affordable Personal training

  • Small group training & core training

  • An instructor is always present to help you during your workout

  • High quality service with a smile


Professional health measurements

Fitness Avenue is the first fitness centre in The Netherlands who has the innovative Inbody 770 body composition machine.

The outcome of the body composition analysis gives a broad insight in your physical wellness. By doing an analysis you get a thorough evaluation of the four components that your body is made of, namely: total body water, protein(muscle), minerals(bones) and body fat percentage. 


The reasons why you need to analyse your body composition:

  • It will motivate you to achieve your goals

  • It will give you an estimation of how healthy you are

  • It will help you to discover your health risks and prevent them from developing

  • It will help you to set the right goals to keep yourself in balance and get you in the right shape to make yourself as healthy as you want to be

  • It will help you to make the right estimation of how much and which nutrition’s you need.

  • It helps you to discover which exercises are effective for achieving your goals

inbody-complete scan_Tekengebied 1.png

Discover our wide selection of freestyle & Les Mills group lessons, suitable for every training goal and level.

The group lessons are given by qualified and experienced instructors.



WhatsApp service

Feel free to ask your question

Feel free to ask your question

Ask your question to the Fitness Avenue WhatsApp Service. Our service staff is ready to answer your questions quickly and correctly.

Contact us via the following number: +316 83 90 4008 (The Hague)

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